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In benefits - one size does not fit all!

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About Us

Total Benefit Solutions' emphasis is in the area of employee communication and education, employee enrollment, and post-enrollment service. 

Through licensed, professional employee benefit counselors we take great care in communicating exactly how a particular plan will benefit employees and their families. 

Some of the services we provide:

bulletBenefit Consultation
bulletAdministrative Services
bulletVoluntary and Group Plans
bulletValue added services


Why Us


What truly sets us apart, is our ability to integrate existing plans and other offerings to maximize an employee benefit package, then make sure that all levels are informed to ensure smooth implementation and enrollment.


We specify existing plans, because we are not one the many organizations out there that requires total control of all of your benefits.  If you have certain aspects of your benefit package that work well, we are not going to change that!  We have the expertise to work with those plans to bring  the rest of your offerings to a higher level. 




total benefit solutions

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Noxen, PA  18636

Phone  570-639-0943

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We offer MANY benefit plans and administrative services at NO COST! - From Disability, Health, Life, Dental, etc. to Pre-Tax Plans and Enrollment.  Let us show you how to relieve your staff of the "Benefits Burden".
Open Enrollment is the best time of year to make any changes to your employee benefits.  However there may be certain "Life Events" that will allow you to make changes outside of Open Enrollment.

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